Before forwarding the video of Elnino Cyclone Rumour created…

Before forwarding the video of Elnino Cyclone Rumour created by an idiot, kindly take a look at what is Elnino and Lanina ? in Layman terms
Many messages are circulating that a Elnino cyclone is coming to hit chennai blah blah blah and 250 cm of rainfall is going to happen and a 100 wipro bus is waiting (no idea why only wipro bus alone). So what is Elnino and what is Lanina in simple terms ?. This area of the Pacific Ocean is called Nino 3.4 region – When there is warming of the Sea Surface Temperature Pacific Ocean near the equator, the normal trade winds weaken (or even reverse), this causes impacts on global weather pattern which is called as Elino. Here you can see how Elnino and Lanina shapes up the trade wind direction – . I have also attached how the walker circulation gets affected because of Elnino and Lanina and how it enhances rainfall and causes less rainfall.

Impacts of Elnino
Here is how Elnino impacts global climate in both summer and winter and which are the areas which gets more rainfall and less rainfall during an elnino years – (note 2015 was an Elnino year and Tamil Nadu got super North East Monsoon in winter)

Impacts of Lanina (opp of Elnino)
Here is how Lanina impacts global climate Lanina is good for SW monsoon historically (note 2016 was an Lanina year and Tamil Nadu got worst North East Monsoon Rainfall in winter)

Neutral / Lanina and Elnino years – Past ones.
Where to see the which are elnino years which was strongest If the nino 3.4 index three month average crosses above +0.5 we call it as Elnino year and if it is below 0.5 we call it as Lanina. We can see 2015, 1997, 1982 (red color) are strong elnino events in history. The blue ones indicate Lanina years. Elnino happens once in 4-5 years like 2009, 2006, 2002 these are called moderate elnino years. Now you know it has nothing to do with Global Warming and its a cycle. Its been there for 100s of years. Lanina is opposite and cooling of the nino 3.4 region and it is announced if the sea surface temp anamoly in the nino 3.4 region dips below – 0.5 we call it as Lanina.

What happens if you get the forward of Elnino Cyclone in Whatsapp or FB ?
Just delete the video and stay calm. As you all now know there is no bullshit called “Elnino Cyclone”. Its purely created to cause fear among innocent public. Kindly dont forward it. Ithuku mela, enkitta Elnino cyclone msg panni doubt kettinga avalvutaan !!!!